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AND The Winners Are…………………….

10/13/20 #27818

Well……..This was tough……..Team 1 and Team 5 had a good thing going, but alas, they were missing an absent team members time. (Duncan Howat gets a “shout out” for doing two river legs just in case….) But to be fair, the race committee had to go with complete teams with all team members participating, thus………

The 2020 Champion of the Paddle 4 Food Relay Virtual Covid-19 edition goes to Team 2 Tyler Irwin, Kevin Olney, Amber Zipper and Thom Pritchard
Winning Time 1:07:32

Not to be out done by the rest of the teams…The 2020 DL Award goes to Team 15 Eric Wermus, Kari Bodnarchuk Wright and Phil Helms
Not The Winning Time 1:22:27

The strategy of anything goes this year worked in most of the paddlers favor by doing “Down River” or a “Down Winder” with the current, for some of us who did flat water and got attacked by Eel Grass…not so much ;( Awards and pictures and accolades and endorsement deals will be headed the two teams way!
It was really cool how much conversation these last two weeks was centered around the relay and the Food Drive.

We are near the 10,000 dollar mark as the tally comes in. Thanks to all of you and your generosity in helping make this community awesome!! There are lot of mouths getting fed this Fall and Winter due to you!!!!

See you next October on Padden without Masks!!??

Below are the rest of the results:

1) Team 2 1:07:32 (Champions)
2) Team 14 1:08:15
3) Team 6 1:11:34
4) Team 4 1:12:12
5) Team 7 1:13:12
6) Team 11 1:15:35
7) Team 13 1:15:38
8) Team 16 1:15:39
9) Team 3 1:16:04
10) Team 9 1:17:55
11) Team 8 1:21:23
12) Team 15 1:22:27
13) Tied with Team 1, Team 2, Team 12 and Team 10

Larry Goolsby
10/14/20 #27820

Uh? Peter, there was something fishy about team selection. Dean and I noticed that there was an Isabel on our team that didn't record a time. I decided to investigate. On Monday I was down at MP getting ready to launch when I heard a woman yell 'Isabel'. This caught my attention so I walked over to her just as a young golden retriever drops a tennis ball at her feet.
“Who is Isabel?” I asked.
This woman took a step back and said, “That's my dog's name.”
Now Isabel was quite wet and shaking water all over me. “Can she paddle?”
“Dog paddle,” she replied. Then she took another step back and wound up for another toss. She had one of those thingys for throwing tennis balls so you don't ruin your shoulder over a dog. She flung that ball about 50 yards out into the water and Isabel took off after it.
“Any chance you could toss that ball 3 miles?” I asked.
Obviously she didn't do that cuz Isabel never posted a time.

John Rybczyk
10/14/20 #27821

Very funny post Larry! However, you might have had better luck recording a time if you had told her that she only had to toss that ball 1.5 miles! Next time!

Reivers Dustin
10/14/20 #27822

whoa. This one goes on Neil's list of creative excuses. Like, next level beyond 'dog ate my homework'.

We are the Champions!!!!!! Paddle 4 Food Relay Champs (Picture)

10/15/20 #27829

What's “almost” better then donating to the Food Bank? Being the world champs of the 2020 Paddle 4 Food Virtual Relay! Thanks to all the played and donated for a great cause. The final tally is still coming in, but it looks like 10,000.00 dollars will be reached, WOWSER!!!!

Cheers, P


Jacquelyn Styrna
10/15/20 #27830

Congratulations to the winning team & awesome job fundraising for a great cause. :-)

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