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Surfski & Downwind Video Collections


Bellingham Bay, Deception Pass, The Gorge Washington State, USA


Videos by Location

These lists typically contain good examples but they are not complete lists of the videos we have for these locations. There are also good videos on this wiki from other locations, but those location may not have been included here yet because up to now we have not found sufficient diversity in videos from those places or we simply may not have gotten around to gathering those videos into a video page yet.

Technique and Particular Aspects/Kinds of Paddling

Paddling Festival Footage

Surfski/Downwind Film (Video) Festivals

All Forms of Paddling

Website Video Collections

Worldwide Paddling Video Samples (Mostly Downwinding)

(Almost all of the videos contained on these pages are shown in embedded frames. For some reason Microsoft Edge seems to have a problem with many embedded videos, but you can still view them in Edge if you click on the youtube links shown within the frames. We have not seen this problem in other popular browsers)