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Surfski Insurance

The following discussion is concerning property insurance for your surfskis in the USA. If you are looking for worldwide travel insurance you might try here

Ski/kayak/k-1 insurance
Elana Ecker

11/09/15 #18283

Hello fellow boaters,

Does anyone have the inside scoop on where to obtain insurance for there ski/kayak/k-1. Any leads would be appreciated.


vanessa haycock
11/09/15 #18284

Trevor Holman american family insurance had mine and the bikes insured.(360) 527-1100


Greg Bawden
11/09/15 #18285

This is an interesting question. My agent says I have coverage under my homeowner's policy. And I have a lot of boats and bikes. Have other paddlers had experience with buying insurance coverage specifically for their boats? Have any local paddlers had experience submitting claims for damaged or stolen boats?

I suspect the devil is in the details. Boats lost through theft or fire when stored in my garage are probably covered by my homeowner's insurance. Boats on the car top rack damaged in a car accident might be covered by auto comp or other auto coverage.

But what about a boat stolen off my car or damaged/lost while paddling?

Greg Bawden

Sandy Gilliard

11/10/15 #18286

I pay $50. per boat (K1 & Surfski) to State Farm Ins. Cheers….V. “sandy” G.

Jim Powers <j.powers@…>
11/10/15 #18287

I found out that my homeowners insurance only covered canoes and kayaks for a maximum of $1000 each. I shopped around, and the several companies that I called had the same $1000 limit. None of them would do any sort of supplemental policy or “rider” on human powered boats, and they (apparently) couldn't comprehend that any canoe or kayak could be worth more than $1000. I don't know about car insurance, and what they would pay. So it makes sense to insure boats separately. As for bikes, I had one stolen from my garage a couple years ago and my homeowners paid full amount (replacement value).

Larry <lbussinger@…>

11/10/15 #18288

I have insurance for the full amount through State Farm for $50/yr. each.

Larry B

Nicholas Cryder

11/10/15 #18290

When my ski flew off my truck in 2014, I tried to have it covered, but because no other vehicles were involved it wasn't covered. *sniff

vanessa haycock

11/10/15 #18291

I have my boats and bikes all listed with American family Insurance/ Trevor Holman.Trevor is a super easy going guy and if you are curious about this i know he is available for questions even is you dont have your insurance with them. Id recommend him!

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