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Bellingham Bay Downwinding


Photo: Collin Smith - Click photo to enlarge - from video - Bellingham Bay Weather Bomb

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The Bay


Duncan Howat speaking about the Bay in stronger weather:

Well the thing about the weather and wind forecast is kinda this: when NOAA is calling for Gale Warning , (34-47 knots,or 39-54 miles per hr) SE, or even S,makes it a little strong and difficult to get away from the cove (Wildcat cove start), and then the mix up out of Chuckanut Bay for a mile or two makes for a very challenging run, except for those who have done it many times or other similar runs. That 40 + wind can get you, particularly in a surfski in winter like conditions. Gale Warning = 5-6 foot seas ,mixed even without much tide, Mix in a big ebb, then it can get big

The Bay When It's Too Big For Most