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Garmin Again

11/14/20 #28055

I'm reopening old topics (and possibly old wounds) -

I killed my beloved Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS watch today. I left it on the roof of the car at Marine Park and drove off. Sadly, it didn't survive the next car on Harris Ave and was squashed like a squirrel.

So what would the paddling intelligencia recommend?

I've looked at the Garmin Instinct Solar, and VivoActive 3 watches. I've also looked at some Samsung Galaxy ones.

So far, everything is more expensive than I expected, and either has way more or way less features than my old Vivoactive HR (which was discontinued).


And no, Reivers, I'm not interesting in dragging a lead line behind the 'ski…

Reivers Dustin
11/14/20 #28057

avast! cause then you would need a little person in back calling out the knots.

Dennis Mowry
11/14/20 #28058

20% off at REI right now.
I saw this ad on you tube. Its a programable watch, you load it with anything you want, same as Google or Garmin. Check it out and let me know if it's worth getting. $48.

Paul Reavley

11/15/20 #28059


My 2 cents - stay away from There are other websites that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the site and value of the product.

But I would not mess with any website that shows you a phony roulette wheel (always gets the same result - 70% off, really?) before you see anything else on the site. Some things are too cheap.

Kevin Olney
11/15/20 #28060

I’ve been using a Garmin Forerunner 35 for a couple years. It’s pretty basic but does the important stuff (speed, distance, time) and its durable and has decent battery life. The only real limitation for me is the lack of an external heart rate monitor. It has a sensor that takes your pulse on your wrist but A) you have to be wearing it on your wrist and B) it doesn’t seem that accurate anyway. If HR is important to you spend a few bucks more but otherwise it’s a great value at around $100.



11/15/20 #28062

I had a similar reaction to the cardieo site. It kinda screamed go phish…

11/15/20 #28063

I took a chance and chatted with Garmin support. After asking if they offered a “stupidity” discount, they said they'd take my squashed one as an exchange, and send me a replacement for $60. Even though listed as “Discontinued”, they still had some in stock.

So I am getting back what I had and liked. Not a bad deal.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

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