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Indoor surfski racks

Jan 8 #25852

Hello I am trying to organize my space and looking at building racks for my surfski. I was wondering if anyone has ideas in sharable format.

Thank you,


Paul Reavley
Jan 8 #25855

Egor, if you are looking for free standing structure examples my storage photos won't provide any help. What I have is based on the peculiarities of available space in my garage. If you wind up with storage where you slide you boat(s) in and out, you might want to look at low friction, low wear plastic for the sliding surfaces in your storage - like Delrin, etc.. I have been able to pick up (not free) scrap pieces of a hard, slick plastic from the plastic scrap bin outside at Hardware Sales in Bellingham that work just fine (rounded the hard edges and attached to wood with countersunk wood screws). Take care to store your boat clean so that the sliding surfaces stay clean and don't wind up scratching your boats. One option for storage that can be added to the side of existing structure is illustrated by the rack holding the red surfski in my pictures. These are 2 storage Vees - sold by Goodboy (used to be Kayaks) Paddlesports that makes one of the popular car roof Vee racks. I added sliding plastic on top of the rack foam. But these are a little pricey. One other feature worth noting in my photos is the foam I placed at the end of some of my storage. Several of our boats just barely fit in our garage even diagonally and have to be shoved all the way to the far wall so I placed thick foam on the wall to protect the boat ends. Hopefully these photos are viewable.

Storage Racks

Jan 9 #25859

I've been using shelving brackets and pipe insulation from Hardware Sales. Pretty cheap, easy to install and works just fine.

Reivers Dustin
Jan 9 #25860

Me too. Like Lance the Hardware Sales. Go to upstairs main store, left at top of stairs, then left again, then Right along that wall. Many types of bolt on shelf brackets. Then grab some pipe insulation. I prefer the closed cell that is used for refrigeration lines. It's more cushy than the cheaper stuff you put on water pipes.

I've learned to embrace my inner lazy bastard.

David Scherrer
Jan 9 #25861

And don’t forget to say howdy to Randy Olsen who is now in charge of upstairs, explain your project, he might have some good suggestions. PS Randy was a very competitive paddler then asthma set him back…

Larry Bussinger
Jan 9 #25863

I bought pretty ones that cost much more but after many years of inspecting racks, Lances method is still the best.

Larry Bussinger

Dennis Mowry

Jan 9 #25864

Here's mine,


same thing. Adjustable. They haven't blown off even in the wind without bungies, not recommended.
Pick up some eyelets for bungies, &I'd recommend the pool foamies if you can find them this time of year. They can come extra thick.


Kimberly Reeves

Jan 9 #25865

Hardware Sales stopped carrying the bigger brackets we use for our boats about a year ago. I asked them to order them again, but haven’t checked to see if ever got around to it.

Tom Swetish
Jan 9 #25869

We have been happy with a loop of rope which slings the bow and a similar loop for the stern. Make the anchor for the stern line forward of the rudder so it wants to slide forward when tensioned. On some of the stern ropes we’ve added a pulley so it can be retracted up and out of the way.





Reivers Dustin

Jan 10 #25871

whoa. impressive amount of boatage there Mr. Swetish. Oh yeah, nice racks as well. I have similar for some rarely used boats under the eves of the garage:

Dennis Mowry
Jan 10 #25872

Reivers, you should get out in that river boat and standup more often.

Morris Arthur
Jan 10 #25873

Shelf brackets win the Simplicity category.
File ours in the “Hoarder” category:

-Bottom rack (chest height) holds two skies with room for bikes underneath.
-Middle rack (under garage rail) holds three skies.
-Top rack (over garage rail) holds several skies or, in my case, a canoe. Garage door needs to closed to access…
Racks are 19“ apart with 2.5” of that used for support and pads.


Greg Saupe
Jan 10 #25874

Probably not the most convenient option for daily use, but some slightly modified, inexpensive bike lifts have worked well for me to store boats up and out of the way.





Kimberly Reeves
Jan 10 #25877

I was at Hardware Sales today and they have restocked their larger brackets.

Dennis Mowry
Jan 11 #25879

When you're referring to “larger brackets” are they the ones you see in Home Depot that sti butck out about 4' holding lumber? Holding multiple boats, like Arthur's?
Or how long are the brackets? Do they come in different lengths?

Charlie Hamlin

Jan 11 #25883

I had brackets made out of box aluminum that are fixed to the 2X 6s that frame my barn. Reasonably price. I also made a simple hoist system to haul my V8 up and above my truck. When I paddle I just lower it onto a rack on top of the truck. Come see if you like. Charlie Hamlin

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