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Places to Paddle and Downwind

World's Best Downwind Runs?

  • World Class Downwinders we're talking surfski and outrigger here, the criteria for “best” for others like kiters can be quite a bit different, though there clearly can be overlap.
  • ….

Other Downwind Location References

More Potential Wave Paddling

Global Wind

  • Global Wind Atlas Interactive Wind Map (darkest color = 10 m/s or above which is approximately 22.4 mph and above or 36 km/h and above). When you zoom in and out with map, be patient and let it redraw the wind speed colors.

Training Locations

Surfski Rental

Ship Traffic

  • Port Ship Traffic Ship traffic in ports around the world - you can look up expected arrivals - potential ship wakes to surf (stay well out of the ship's way, right?)


Videos from Around the World

Welcome to Surfski, Welcome to Adventure

Worldwide Paddling Video Samples (Mostly Downwinding)

(Almost all of the videos contained on these pages are shown in embedded frames. For some reason Microsoft Edge seems to have a problem with many embedded videos, but you can still view them in Edge if you click on the youtube links shown within the frames. We have not seen this problem in other popular browsers)