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A different kind of Jetty Island

lori & beau whitehead
06/30/12 #12843

I thought some of you Sound Rowers types would appreciate this… there was a stand up paddleboard race today at Jetty Island (and it was my 10th race since May 1st, so I was not too keen on what transpired.) Anyway, they thought it would be a good idea to run the race without actually looking at a tide chart. (SUP'rs aren't always the brightest) Well, it was SUPER low. We had to go over a half-mile off shore to avoid the shallows. Quite a bit further than the last time I did a Sound Rowers event there. And to really make things fun, there was a sand bar under 6 inches of water, all the way across the north end of the island & opening to the river. No channel, nothing. I was over 200 yards from any shore and had to walk for about 200 feet to be able to paddle again. Awesome. But everyone had to do the same thing, so I guess misery loves company.

No way I'm going to muster up the energy to drive out to the Juan de Fuca race tomorrow. Good luck to those of you who do go, and I hope it turns out to be a true downwinder!


Beau Whitehead

Eric Grossman
06/30/12 #12844

Sounds like a new sport, SUP-Cross! Bring a shoulder strap next time and run the portage part?
Yowza. E

Michael Lee <mlee@…>

06/30/12 #12845

Bummer…I saw that minus tide on the tide chart the other day. Good day for tidepooling, bad day for SUP paddling.


06/30/12 #12846

I can sympathize with the portage aspect. I work in Everett, and often paddle my ski or kayak at lunch. The first time I tried to go around the Island at low tide, I ran aground and had to drag the kayak back to - and over - the island to get back in time for another “important” meeting. I don't go around the island now, unless 1) it's mid-to-high tide (rising), or 2) I'm willing to go offshore about 1/2 mile, just for fun.

On the bright side, you can clearly see the north-end rocks on a minus tide, and it's amusing to watch more arrogant power boaters hit the shallow mud banks near the boat launch (especially after they've flipped you off on their way to oblivion).


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