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big ebb goin on

Reivers Dustin
07/03/19 #25131

Anyone notice if these big ebb tides have any effect on wave conditions? (I haven't been on the water for a week or so).

John Rybczyk
07/03/19 #25132

“Anyone notice if these big ebb tides have any effect on wave conditions? (I haven't been on the water for a week or so).”

Well, one would hope, unfortunately, we haven't had any great S winds on the ebb this cycle. The ebb has been in the morning and the stronger, surf-generating winds have come
in the afternoon on the flood. Incidentally, today and tomorrow are the lowest daylight tides of the year, -2.9 ft below MLLW. Low tides is at 12:56 pm and
maybe we will have some wind on the morning ebb.

I have been out on the flood though, this tide cycle, with some half-way decent wind. It's a bugger going upwind and up-current though. My working theory right now is that a strong
flood and a strong S wind leads to fun but sloppy conditions, like this afternoon for example. Fat boat city.

See you on the water,


PS. For those of you who don't know, some of us are of the general opinion that the best surf in Bellingham Bay comes when the tide is ebbing and the winds are from the south.
That sets up a situation where the current is opposite the direction of the wind waves, which leads to big, fun, easy to catch waves. This set of circumstances is not uncommon and is
probably one of the reasons why the Bay is such a popular place to surf paddle. An added bonus is that your upwind paddle is with the
current. Rouge river eddies and periodic appearances from the Kraken can complicate matters.

Dan Mayhew
07/04/19 #25134

Hey John,

These are some great observations on surfing conditions. This is the type of info I have been hungry for. Do you mind if I put them up on I don't want to be accused of plagiarism, but I would cut and paste your PS into a section on B'ham conditions. Of course, you are welcome to post it yourself, but I am happy to do it if you're not interested.

Dan Mayhew

Reivers Dustin
07/04/19 #25135

I spy a kiteboard guy. On the bay. On an approaching big ebb. Might be a valuable data point to get out there in it.

Dennis Mowry
07/04/19 #25136

Forecast today 15-20 maybe that means 10-15? Ebb still going on at 10:00.
Marc and I are going, hopefully epic conditions like Tues?

Reivers Dustin
07/04/19 #25138

it was fun this morning, but not the magic carpet rides that happen once in a while. So, giant ebb with moderate southerly is not it.

What are the ingredients? Some who were on the Tuesday express said there was a tide change (which way?) and a little more southerly wind. C'mon guys, rub those brain cells together and get a spark. I'm tired of being so wrong about when the conditions are good. Our buddies up North have dialed in Ambleside. Hope we don't have to call in outside consultants on this.

John Rybczyk
07/04/19 #25139

We could have used about 10 more mphs of wind this morning.

Duncan Howat
07/04/19 #25140

Fri afternoon 3:00 at this point. Yesterday at 3 was very good. Weed Rudder required on the flood as those weeds that went south on the ebb , as Arnold said I’ll be back and to frustrate anybody with the Surfrudder , they will be back. Sides that the sun could be out. D
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Bob Putnam
07/04/19 #25141

Today was 5.29 knot ebb at Ambleside. If there had been NW winds it would have been rocking, but we are getting SE variable. The current will be waining over the next few days. We'll have the current at our backs for the Canadian Champs, with a super low tide around the start time. .5 feet. Drop your crab traps prior to the race!!

Jeff Hegedus
07/05/19 #25146

The fast flood pouring in after the big ebb, on a WSW or SW blow off Clark's Wall, is a technical luscious and fun alternative to the search for surf.

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