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Bundeena Bay/Bar, Port Hacking Videos

Main Sydney/Bundeena Australia Page

Mark Sundin: “This is a bit of a mystery break in some respects, it's coded as a 'novelty spot' on surf websites, which means when everything else is being obliterated by a big southerly swell or East Coast Low, it's surfable for the board riders. For a kayaker, it mostly provides the sort of gentle, barely breaking waves … They're slow, easy & as consequence-free as you ever get on a paddle craft. On a decent day however, it can be epic & every bit as demanding as a beach break.”

Bundeena Surfski Surfing

Bundeena Surfski Surfing

Bundeena Surfski Surfing

Bundeena surfing

Bundeena Surfski Surfing

The Bundeena Hump

Bundeena Sea Kayak surfing

Bundeena Sea Kayak surfing (good overhead view)

Double The Fun

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