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Actual Whales On The Bay!

lori & beau whitehead
04/20/19 #24713

Went to Wildcat at noon to take advantage of the NW wind (which made some very juicy waves… super clean, off of Whiskey Rock). I was on what I wanted to be my last lap and went farther south than usual, and turned to go back up wind, when 40 or so feet at my 11 o'clock a grey whale spouted and showed me its massive back. I honestly thought I'd had a hallucination. I paddled over to the rocky point at the south entrance to Wildcat and asked one of the dozen folks standing there if they'd seen the whale too. Their response was “yup, there's 2 of them and they've been swimming in and out of Wildcat for 15 minutes.” I never saw them again, but the folks up on the rocks said a few minutes later they saw one 1/4 mile south heading towards Taylor Shellfish. Anyway, got some GoPro footage, but as you can imagine, the wide angle lens makes it sub-par footage at best. What a fantastic place we live in.

lori & beau whitehead
04/21/19 #24715

There was a report of a humpback near Semiamoo yesterday…. could one of you biologist types educate me on what I might have seen? It definitely was not a Minke. I figure grey or hump, but not sure.

Marc Blake
04/21/19 #24717

Just saw it at Wildcat cove!

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