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Rotator cuffs!

01/19/17 #20496

A friend with a recent rotator cuff tear (slipped on ice) was looking for the names of 2 or 3 good doctors and PT's in and around Bellingham that people have had good rotator cuff success with.

Any recommendations?

01/19/17 #20498

Matt Oswin.

glenn biernacki
01/19/17 #20499

Pete Wells ;-)

Dennis Mowry
01/19/17 #20506

01/19/17 #20501


vanessa haycock
01/19/17 #20502

HI Eric,
We do alot of work on rotator cuff with specific massage therapy and Fascia release. I dislocated my shoulder this summer and only used my massage employees to work on it. Its back to normal.
Have your friend give me a call…

see booking details below!

Vanessa Haycock
Body Rejuvenation
Easy online booking at:

Chris Ohana

01/25/17 #20534

If the shoulder requires surgery, I would strongly recommend Dr Charles Peterson in Seattle (on 45th in Wallingford). He specializes in shoulders and I was really happy with the results. He has also worked on the shoulders on some of the B'ham firefighters. He has a great reputation. I would avoid Whatcom orthopedists.

But I hope the shoulder responds well to PT and no surgery is required.


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