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Larry Bussinger
10/25/18 #23928

Its that time of year again. What 5-7 mm, high top booties are people recommending these days? I'm getting tired of cold feet.
Larry B

Tyler Irwin
10/25/18 #23929

I gotta say, I love my 7mm surf booties.

O'Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Booties


Dennis Mowry

10/26/18 #23930

Again, here's my recommendation:

Patagonia, 7mil lifetime guarantee has saved me buying another pair when the get ripped at the ankles, or even ripped.
15% off sale going on now at REI?


Kimberly Reeves

10/26/18 #23931

I have a lovely pair of 5, maybe 7mm pair of warm, waterproof booties….Billabong Furnace!

10/26/18 #23932

I have last years version of these. They are super warm and have really nice feel and toe mobility on the peddles. The new version has thin reinforced bottoms. My are just socks and need the ocasional aqua seal fixes… these new ones looks super!


Michael Medler

10/26/18 #23933

I will just add that a pair of wool sox adds another 10 degrees to the comfort range of my booties. Also, thin polypro does the same trick under wetsuits and farmer johns. The downside is the impact on the laundering cycle.

David Hooper
10/26/18 #23935

And, the S. Africans think wool socks make booties look even more sexy…

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