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erg racing......

Larry Goolsby
11/21/10 #9675

As most of you know, I raced my Kayakpro Speedstroke through last winter. I even went as far as traveling to Oklahoma City for the US champs in February. We are racing once again this winter and I just finished this week's race of 5 2000 meter sprints with a 1 minute break in between (51:49.4). Todays performance was probably my best since last spring. I was having some weight issues but this is getting resolved. I started that new 'eat like a bird - shit like an elephant' diet and it seems to be working. I am going to attempt to bring my erg to the film festival tonight. There have been a few people that have wanted to try out the new Speedstroke Gym and my home is not located in a conveinent place to travel to. The thing that makes this new Speedstroke so much better than the original is the computer. It gives you a lap time, stroke rate, distance and heart rate. I am so busy watching the numbers that I don't bother turning on the TV anymore. So if you are interested in trying it out, come on down to the party.