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Canary Islands Surfski

Photo: Nacho Fabre from Lanzarote downwind video


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The Canary Islands are an autonomous community of Spain

Canary Islands Surfski Community HIstory and Growth The Paddler spotlight on the Canary Islands …


The Northeast trade winds tend to be strong in the Northern Hemisphere winter months.


Gran Canaria


  • Castillo de Romeral-Faro - Maspalomas 12 km Downwindfun
  • Las Palmas

Chloe Bunnett Gran Canaria Downwinder - Las Palmas


  • Las Canteras Beach video


  • La Garita Beach, Arrieta to Las Cucharas Beach, Costa Teguise: 17km
  • Las Cucharas Beach to Reducto Beach, Arrecife : 10km
  • Reducto Beach to Grande Beach, Puerto del Carmen: 13km
  • La Garita Beach, Arrieta to Reducto Beach, Arrecife 27 km



  • El Medano (The Red Mountain)
    • Guimar - El Medano 33 km video, Downwindfun
    • El Medano - Las Galletas 11.5 km video
    • El Medano - Puerto Granadilla 6 km
  • Big Mountain Run 20 km video
  • Chloë Bunnett downwind video
  • Rémy Lavie Descriptions:
    • The South run (Ed. - possibly El Medano - Las Galletas?), similar to the Kihei run on Maui Island: This is 11 KM of bliss on the Glide Avenue! Lined up with bumps, which are easy to read and to ride. This friendly swell and the nearby coastline makes it the ideal course for DW beginners and intermediates alike, that have a decent ability on the flat.
    • The North run ( videosame run?), resembling the Makapu’u run on Oahu Island : This is 15 KM of technical and challenging paddling and riding, in unpredictable and heavy waters. Reading the bumps is tricky, and you will be in open sea swell. A really great run for advanced paddlers.



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