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Hood River to the Dalles
07/04/16 #19625

If you always wished swell city and the hatchery lasted for a couple of hours, try out the HR to the Dalles run. Especially if the clouds are in and it's not blowing yet in the western gorge. We did it yesterday in 25-30 wind and it was all time the most big surfing of any gorge run I've done. The big sections were as nice as Swell City on a good day but lasted many times longer. It's just under 18 miles and all but a few minutes were great conditions. There a couple of narrows which get a bit challenging for us mortals. I also borrowed Don's Think Ion with one of his big rudders for the weekend and put just under 40 miles on it in two days and that boat surfs amazing. If only it had a wee bit more width in the footwell for me.

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