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Dean Bumstead
10/10/16 #20072

While we're at it….. I need a pair of low profile booties so I can get my big feet under the strap of my Fenn surfski. Thanks


paul clement
10/10/16 #20074

Not sure about pants but I have been very happy with Billabong 2mm reef booties that I bought in Hood River. You can get them direct at:

In fact I just ordered another pair because I left one in the Padden parking lot… (Anyone find it?) They are pretty minimal for winter but excellent all other times. They also make a higher cuff version. I wasn't sure I would like the split toe but it turns out to be nice because it keeps them in place. I cut off all the straps too.

Larry Bussinger

10/10/16 #20078

Gone Diving on Iowa st had a good pair. Moderate bottom and zippered side

Larry B

Michael Gregory

10/11/16 #20085

Once again, for years I have used Promotion Wetsuits gear. They make and market their gear from Hood River OR. A quick look at the site shows great Clearance deals now. Check out the neoprene farmer john suits and tops and booties too. Solid stuff at a good price.


Dennis Mowry

10/11/16 #20089

I will give my recommendation for the Patagonia booties.

I have gone through several others, Excel & ONeil, which I have repaired and patched. They were good while they lasted. Mainly ripping of the heel section. The main advantage to the Patagonia's is the lifetime guarantee. I've sent back stuff which came back as good as new including a totally ripped wetsuit, from being dragged along the Westport jetty, another story. Worth the extra bucks although comparable. They aren't bulky for a narrow foot well but the straps could use cutting off.


10/11/16 #20095

Great! Thanks to you all, Dean and I have many options to consider.


Dennis Mowry
10/11/16 #20096

Hey I'm having a birthday coming up.
Cleanline in OR is having a sale, 10% off non sale order just by signing up for their newsletter & no sales tax.

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