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Vortex #1 2021

Kevin Olney
May 4 #29137

As many probably know already a couple of young Bellinghamsters dominated the first Vortex downwind race at the gorge this last weekend. Congratulations to Ana (1st overall!!) and Wilson (2nd). I wasn’t there so I’ll let others share the race stories. Next race is Sunday, May 30.

On a side note, how the hell is no one talking about this:

May 4 #29138

It looks effective at avoiding pear diving, and certainly much more aesthetic than his last modification!

May 4 #29139

Oops, make that pearl diving.

Waterman Larry
May 4 #29140

That whale is David Scherrers whale of a Huki S1-X. The whale got 8th place overall in Votex 1. Thanks for selling my your Orca David!

Larry Goodson.


May 4 #29142

Larry, it looks almost as if you spliced an old bow on to the existing hull. Or did you fabricate that and then glass/carbon it on?

Waterman Larry
May 4 #29143

The bow piece is 2 layers 6oz carbon which was layed up wet on a well waxed, upside down Huki S1-x hull at the bow. The piece was popped off the bottom of the bow after cure and then taped upside down on the top of hull. I tried many angles and heights and ended up with an orca head shape being the fastest. Someone designed those whale heads pretty efficient. The bow piece is not removable on this boat, but the double Fenn has a tape on bow piece as we remove it occasionally to paddle flat water races. We molded that piece off the double’s bow. The bow pieces are open at the back allowing air pressure to release. Otherwise, the bow piece would require hull strength and weight. The bow piece weighs 1.5 pounds. Total boat weight is 28 pounds.

Larry Goodson

David Scherrer

May 4 #29144

Your welcome Larry, glad to see it put to a creative use! My wife Susan especially likes the striped paddles, says there very classy!

Waterman Larry
May 4 #29145

The stripes are the Senyera. The official flag of autonomous Catalunya. Barcelona is the capital.

I painted the paddles so windsurfers can see me. Last year a windsurfer jibed near me, lost control of his sail and the mast struck me dead center on the top of my head. Or rather, my helmet. Please wear helmets when riding through the hatch on busy days.

Larry Goodson

paul clement

May 4 #29146

Yes, I too thought it odd he’s not wearing a helmet.

Waterman Larry

May 4 #29147

I raised the cockpit seat 2cm so I can drive my legs. Also replaced the bucket with my custom Larry bucket and installed it 2” farther forward for surfing weight distribution. It is pretty unstable thus no helmet for the race. I’m getting used to and really like the higher position. I ALWAYS wear a helmet in big conditions or where kiters and windsurfers are a threat.

Larry Goodson

Rick Lingbloom
May 4 #29148

I’d love to see a picture of my old double with an Orca head!
Rick L

Jason Tedrow
May 4 #29149

Congrats to Ana and Wilson!
Larry's invention was David Scherrer's Huki S1X. We should name it after a famous Orca like Shamu. Any other ideas?

Denise Weeks

May 5 #29150

Seems like everyone’s pretty mum on what went down. Everyone’s so modest. Okay, I’ll say a word or two.

Jeff and Stacy Castleberry did a ton of work with a variety of other volunteers to make the race happen, so a big thanks to everyone who stepped up.

Stevenson fairgrounds was a nice open site for our pre-race meeting. Once out on the river, we had some time to get a feel of the water before lining up for a rolling start. I hope someone has a photo of that because it seems like we did form a pretty decent line before the flag went down. Then we were off. We had perfect weather and good waves: not so big that you’d miss seeing your nearest competitor lurking in a trough, but not so small that you couldn’t have a number of good paddle-down rides while still gaining on some speck in the distance. It was a pretty straight shot to Home Valley, but even so I almost managed to paddle right past the end of the race, onward to who knows where. But I made a hard left at the end and got close enough to the finishing buoy to shout out my number and be counted. A few other folks had a similar situation but didn’t get counted in the results, so it took a bit of work to figure out the exact finishing order. Paul’s name showed up ahead of mine in the early results, but I set the record straight on that one pretty quickly :)

Following the race we had an excellent meal, mask-clad socializing, and awards. Just like the olden days.

Before the race, Saturday was also good for paddling. When doing a Draino to White Salmon run with Ana, Tom, Wilson, Greg, Tracy, and Paul, we got to witness the interesting fishing ritual in Draino lake where 15-20 power boats move slowly in a tight counter-clockwise formation, practically on top of one another. Our convoy of surfskis and one OC had to fall in line and pass slowly to their right so as not to get tangled in their lines or interfere with the mystical procession. When we went by, one of them said something like, “Have fun, if you like that sort of thing.” I guess we look pretty odd ourselves. Skinny boats, no fishing lines, intentionally heading out into gusty wind and bumpy water.

On Monday, in post-race relaxation, Val and Brian let Dennis, Paul, and I tag along for a Viento run, then Dennis kindly escorted me on a second run from Draino. Conditions were good but not terrifying, and I felt good in my Nelo.

Val has some photos from race day:

And of course, the B’hamsters represented on the podium. Way to go, Ana, Wilson, Tom, Brian, Paul, and me! And Dennis probably would have placed if he’d shown up in the results. Not sure what happened there.

Paul Reavley
May 5 #29151

Notice that Greg Barton is experimenting with a more rounded nose on his V-12 - but not quite as radical as Waterman Larry's Breaching Orca:

Vortex Epic

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