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DSC on your raydeo

Reivers Dustin 01/09/14 #15284

More stuff about Digital Select Calling … (note distingtion between 'near shore' and 'far shore')…

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE. . DSC Distress Calls notify boats and stations in the immediate area in real time that you require assistance. A 406 EPIRB or PLB can take up to two hours to notify Rescue Centers ashore that you require assistance. DSC Distress calls give your exact position while an EPIRB gives tracking stations info to calculate your position within two miles. The locating beacon on an EPIRB/PLB requires a direction finder to locate you within that two mile circle. 406 GPIRBs (an EPIRB with a built in GPS) will reduce the time and give the Rescue Control Center an exact position which can be relayed to vessels in your area but this also takes time. The best combination appears to be to have your DSC VHF plus a 406 GPIRB for offshore rescues. For inshore/near shore rescue it is hard to find anything better than a DSC VHF equipped radio, and the price is minor.

MMSI Numbers for your VHF Radio’s Directory

The following numbers should be programmed into your VHF radio:

USCG Ships/Vessels (all within range) 036699999

USCG Stations (all within range) 003669999

SeaTow 033801999

Tow Boat US 033804000

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