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Wetsuit Sources

Most of the brands listed below offer wetsuits for a variety of conditions including winter and cold water. General Paddle Clothing Options

Wetsuit Basics


Most wetsuits (neoprene, Yulex and other natural rubbers) are designed by their branding company but manufactured by one Taiwan-based company - Sheico (manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia). Sheico broke the expensive monopoly Japanese neoprene manufacturers long maintained and they have been the innovators behind a number of improvements in materials for wetsuits. Some brands like Rip Curl have their own factory but get their neoprene from Sheico. Yamamoto pioneered limestone based neoprene and until 2020 they were the only maker of calcium carbonate derived neoprene (See Sooruz “Oysterprene”). Sheico does make wetsuits that use limestone based neoprene. There are different grades of Yamamoto limestone neoprene and some companies report which they use but you will have to call many of these companies if you want find out which grade their suits use (or if their customer support knows).

Local Companies

The following brand list does not include a lot of smaller, locally owned and mostly only locally known, wetsuit makers. You can sometimes find such companies when you visit locales where wetsuit use is common. Locals wearing locally produced wetsuits will probably be the best reviewers you can get for such suits. And these local suits can be high quality and not overly expensive compared to similar wetsuits from larger companies with larger overhead from advertising, etc. Local companies that make their gear at their stores sometimes also offer convenient custom fitting options for walk-in customers.


Some of the listings below show countries where companies originated, but many of the bigger companies are truly multinational now.

  • Billabong Neoprene (seem to use recycled materials extensively) and Yulex
  • Bodyglove US some suits described as containing “infrared insulation” which we assume is intended to mean it retains radiant heat with some reflective material
  • Elios tailored wetsuits from Italy
  • Feral includes limestone neoprene suits
  • Finisterre UK - one of a few companies as of 2020 that can recycle neoprene and Yulex. Ultimately promises to offer buy back option for old wetsuits. But they do not currently seem to offer many of their own wetsuits (use their search function to find what wetsuits they do have). Appears to be primarily a clothing store.
  • Giant Fish Oregon, USA lightweight tops and bottoms, limestone neoprene, designed for paddlers
  • Hyperflex US Neoprene and Greenprene
  • Isurus US limestone neoprene
  • Matuse US (calls their limestone neoprene “Geoprene”)
  • Mocke Paddling Wetsuit RSA at 2mm this is in the thinner range for immersion protection, but it is billed as being designed for paddlers.
  • Nineplus UK limestone based neoprene
  • NRS US
  • ONeill US
  • Patagonia US - only company as of 2020 with lifetime warranty on all of their wetsuits
  • Peak AUS
  • Promotion one of their bases is in the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River where they have a large water windsport clientele. They make their gear onsite and have been known to quickly make custom versions of their water protection clothing on request if you visit their store and they can measure you. They also offer a large selection of deeply discounted factory second wetsuit gear at their store (if the reason for the discount is a cosmetic blemish - who cares, right?).
  • Quicksilver has limestone neoprene
  • Ridge UK custom limestone neoprene (call them to order?) (6/14/2021 - website down?)
  • 7till8 US Custom limestone neoprene suits
  • Schnell limestone neoprene - (link disabled due to phishing detection)
  • Seventh Wave New Zealand - offers tailored wetsuits, limestone based neoprene
  • SNS (Sen no Sen) France Yulex and limestone neoprene suits
  • Sooruz France Bioprene and Oysterprene. Sooruz is also now collecting and recycling old neoprene into a product for other uses. Their collection sites are currently (2021) only in France.
  • Srface Holland, uses limestone based neoprene, as of 2020 just shipping to European countries?
  • Tiki UK
  • Vissla US recycled rubber, limestone neoprene, other green manufacturing aspects
  • Xcel US has limestone neoprene - do they call it “Veoprene”?
  • Xterra specialized for Triathlons - different distribution of thicknesses to aid swimming position and flexibility in shoulders
  • Zhik website says they use natural rubber neoprene, but it is unclear which suits do or if that means that all their suits use plant based neoprene.

Online Multi-Brand Stores

Local Wetsuit Sources

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