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Re: Remount Rodeo

Bob Putnam
10/08/13 #15024

During the summer months we have remounts as a part of Tuesday Night Race in Deep Cove. Often with a water start where you are floating in the water beside your ski. We'll have a “remount hotspot” about 50 yards from the start. Then we add up to 3 dismount/remounts during the race. One year, and this year too, this guy who shall remain un-named…..(Dion Maxwell). Had big problems remounting, but to be fair the guy has spent years paddling super tippy sprint kayaks and It had never occurred to him that he didn't know how to remount. This race format is usually a pre-race announcement and paddlers can be seen practicing a remount prior to the race start.

This year another fast flatwater guy had some serious challenges with the dismount/remount and was vocally un-pleased at the race finish. (those flatwater guys take life so seriously)

It was kind of humorous, so needless to say the next time he showed his face we again added the dismount/remount. He had developed a sense of humour in the interim and had actually improved, so the objective of promoting safety was achieved.

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