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5/17 Thurs barnacle (and whale) run

Reivers Dustin
05/17/18 #22994

Three of us did the run to whisky rock in perfect time to miss the nice runners that we kept seeing out there. But I did get to see a whale. Kind of a little one heading south between Post Point and Post Point Buoy. Fortunately Dmow also saw the beastie so it wasn't just something special in the margarita I had the night before. uh, wait up. Dmow was sitting across from me at El Reconsider and put something in my drink-e-poo. In fact Duncan was there too and was just talking about all the psilly-psyben 'shrooms on his place.

naw. These wonderful fellas wouldn't mess around like that would they?

Somebody tell me there's a visiting whale in B'ham Bay.


05/17/18 #22995

Why do you guys do that to yourselves? Paddle upwind for five miles so that you can turn around and get nothing coming back.

My modus operandi is to paddle upwind for 5 minutes, then turn around and surf.

Dennis Mowry
05/17/18 #22996

Today, Thurs, was a good paddle.
Intervals on Monday
Waves on Tuesday
Sprint race on Wedsday
Today, Thursday, Longer paddle with the guys, milking whatever waves there were, making the most of them. Whale watching, seeing a eagle eating a Blue Heron, fighting of the gulls. Felt like a good workout. 10+ miles.

Probably take Friday off unless there is wind.
Paddle Saturday on whatever conditions present themselves.
Sunday?? Sprint boat practice?

As the bumper sticker on Randy Olsen's truck says “A day on the water is a day added to your life”

See you on the water,
Waves or no waves,

Charlie Brown

05/18/18 #23002

I saw gray whale(s) on Wednesday morning about half way between Governors Point and Wildcat Cove. It seemed like there might be two, with spouts coming in slightly different locations about 2-4 minutes apart. I captured a very grainy video which, when examined carefully, looks like a spout followed by a back, then immediately followed by a larger back without a spout. There were no dorsal fins, so I conclude it was grays. My wife heard about it from neighbors who saw them in Chuckanut Bay in the morning, so my wife and I put our sea kayaks in at Wildcat Cove and paddled north. When we paused to look at an eagle, we heard a blow behind us and watched from a generous distance for about 30 minutes. This morning the neighbors said they watched them close in at Chuckanut Bay again yesterday evening. Reivers, no need to question your sanity.

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