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Algae Bloom?

lori & beau whitehead
07/12/18 #23429

Any of you Marine Bio types know why the bay has been rust colored this week? Looks like someone butchered a whale out there.

Tyler Irwin
07/12/18 #23430

Red Tide


David Hooper

07/12/18 #23431

Good question, Beau. I was wondering the same thing, but hadn’t checked up on it yet. I’ll get in touch with Robin Kodner in my department, who studies exactly that.


Reivers Dustin

07/12/18 #23432

when I did Portage last week the early part was very flat and still. with the sun behind me I could see down in the water. it seemed like a layer of something down about two or three feet. clumpy. flakes or like tissue paper shreds maybe the size of a dime. just laying there over a long wide area. at first I was trying to paddle so as to not splash on myself and make sure I didn't put my feet over. but that's just silly right?
There's nothin rong with me. Right guys? my fingertips feel s a little funy. but …
I'm sure you guys would tell me if I was a wierdo. sure.

David Hooper
07/12/18 #23436

Robin reports the algal bloom is likely caused by a species of brown algae called Heterosigma akashiwo. She’s going to sample it tomorrow, evidently. It is officially a harmful algal bloom (HAB), that can kill fish by an as yet unknown mechanism. No toxins discovered yet – it just may be the fish suffocate. So I don’t think you’re gonna die if you swim in it. Just don’t drink large volumes of sea water. But don’t worry, Reivers, I’m sure plenty of folks will let you know if you behave weirdly.

Here’s the Wikipedia page:

While lots of salmon farms have been affected in the past, Wikipedia reports “These blooms are neither caused nor exasperated by fish farming.[7]”

That’s a good thing. I’ll bet the algae would be really mean if they got exasperated.

This may be why B’ham Bay and all the San Juans are currently closed for all shellfish except crab and shrimp:



07/13/18 #23438

Am I the only one that is exasperated by the fact that they should have used the word exacerbated?

lori & beau whitehead
07/13/18 #23439

Thanks Dave!

lori & beau whitehead
07/13/18 #23440

Both definitions work… sort of.

David Hooper
07/13/18 #23441

Alan, don’t let your exasperation exacerbate your exhalations or you might hyperventilate and pass out.


Reivers Dustin

07/13/18 #23442

my sentiments eggzackary. rd

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