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Tennis elbow anyone?

Tom Swetish
01/28/14 #15331

Does anyone have remedies or suggestions for preventing paddling induced tennis elbow? It was bugging me last season and seems to be starting again.

Morris Arthur

01/28/14 #15334

I do deep self-massage on my forearm (think metal pipe or edge of table)… and I do exercises with the “Theraband FlexBar” (google it…)

However, I guess I can't recommend it as a remedy… 'cause I've been dealing with the issue for several years :) :)

Brandon Nelson <brandon@…>

Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 10:57 AM

Tom, I had a wicked case of tennis elbow that started during my short-lived crossfit career on the “day of 1000 pullups”. It just destroyed my elbows. Then I trained on the rowing machine 6 days a week for 4 months last fall/winter, and finished every workout in agony. I literally couldn't pull the orange juice from the fridge without pain. Finally, after nearly a year of ice, ibuprofen, self massage, and bands around my forearm, Cheryl Batty (who's a physical therapist) explained that those things might reduce some pain, but to really fix the problem you had to have some deep tissue work done by someone who knows what they're doing, to break up the bonds and adhesions in the fascia. (She also said that if I didn't have someone work on it, it would become chronic and much more difficult to ultimately repair). I ended up seeing Brad Jones, who's a rolfer. His clientele include Scott Jurek and a bunch of other elite and professional level athletes who say things like “I wouldn't make it to the starting line without Brad's help.” Long story short, I saw him a total of 3 times, but the 3rd time was just for good measure because by the end of the 2nd visit the pain was gone. I mean goodbye, no pain since. I had had the pain for about a year by that time, and only saw Brad in the month before my world record attempt, one visit a week for 3 weeks. I'd had some back pain too, but that was gone as well. I'm probably due for a couple visits before race season really ramps up, but neither injury has reared its head since seeing Brad.
His website is
Good luck!

Michael Lee

01/28/14 #15336

As with Brandon, I found that the standard pull up and chin up grip set off what my doctor said was “golfers elbow” (pain on the inside of the elbow). I now do pull ups using rings, which allows me to do the exercise with my palms facing each other. This seems to take the pressure off my elbows and the pain is gone.


John Rybczyk

01/28/14 #15337

I also recommend the Theraband Flexbar. I had wicked case of tennis elbow from paddling a couple of years ago. No therapy worked for me until I started to do the Theraband Flexbar exercise. Problem solved in a few weeks. The exact exercise/movement with the bar is a little tricky, but there are a couple of good youtube videos that show you how to perform it correctly.

Tom Swetish
01/29/14 #15338

Thanks for the advice everyone!


01/29/14 #15339

Tom & Co.

You've got it all wrong and are blaming this elbow pain on paddling and other exercise routines. I think you'll find that once the Superbowl is over, that your elbow's will instantly recover. In the mean time, you might want to try using the remote control ambidextrously, or better yet, program your iPhone Siri to change the channels for you, that way you don't have to move out of the bar-co-lounger. Teach your kids to bring you beer and nachos and use one of those funny beer hats with straws so you don't over exert your arms…..

01/29/14 #15340

As a former bodyworker ( people not cars) I had lots of clients with this issue. Definitely find someone who does deep myofascial work ( ie rolfer type)and/ or does deep tissue/ trigger point therapy specifically working on the forearm extensors, supinator, and anconeus. Also find some good contract/relax stretches for these muscles as well as forearm flexors. Meanwhile, using topical applications of Traumeel or Topricin might help. If you are in to self care/help there's an excellent book that shows one how to self assess and work commonly tweaked muscles .

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.

Next time you are out paddling have someone check out what the wrist/forearm/shoulder on the painful side are up to compared to other side. You'll figure out what's up.
I notice some outer elbow soreness after sprint interval workouts especially if I realize I'm gripping the shaft too tightly on the last few or break my wrist.
Good luck,

Tom Swetish
01/29/14 #15342

You're right Dan. This may be my body's way of rejecting my recent efforts to escape the sedentary lifestyle that I have adopted over the past few months. It's back to the couch for me.

warren bruce
01/29/14 #15344

Two years ago I developed a bad case of tennis elbow in my right arm. I did three things to get rid of it - it took about a year. 1) taping or velco band around elbow. 2) ice on elbow and advil after paddling 3) I changed from right control hand to left. This took some getting used to but the pain in my right elbow was so intense I had to brush my teeth with my left hand (I'm right handed). Also, wearing grippy paddling gloves helps as I don't have to hold the paddle shaft as tightly. Good luck.

Morris Arthur
01/30/14 #15346

Warren, You're my hero! I considered switching to “left-control” when paddling…. but I never even tried: just the thought of it frightens me!

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