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Making the Best of Injuries

Re: busted old guy update / was 50 shades of paddling
John Rybczyk

02/25/15 #16947

My race strategy in any given year is absolutely built upon who's injured when. For example, I've shamelessly used other's joint replacements, concussions, pneumonias, heart palpitations, wrist and spine discombobulations, pregnancies and bowel surgeries to consistently (but temporarily) beat a wide variety of racers whom I cannot normally beat. RD may be injured now, but all is fair in love and surf skiing and that crafty son-of-a-gun will be beating me again soon enough. For now I will take full advantage!


And Later..

John Rybczyk
10/13/15 #18161

I certainly hope that the Wednesday night bike rides will start up again. The mountain biking related injuries sustained by various members of our group last winter allowed me to occasionally beat some paddlers that, under normal conditions, would certainly paddle faster than me. Not that I would wish injury on anyone specifically, but I couldn't beat Scherer this year, at any race. So definitely more hilly, nighttime, rain soaked, mountain biking for him this winter. Also, I'm not comfortable with how fast Vanessa is getting. Ask and I can recommend some not very bright bike lights and marginal brakes that don't work well when wet.


Night riders
Steve Scoggins

10/13/15 #18165

The whatcom peddler “night riders” are insane. Maybe not as insane as this “OG” night rider
but still, you folks are all bananas. Good luck this winter.


Paddling Pedaler's Pedal
Dean Bumstead

11/02/15 #18222

It’s that time of year – cool, dark and damp. This Wednesday meet across from the fire station on Chuckanut Drive at 5:45ish, ride at 6:00 pm to the top of Cleator Rd. via Fragrance Lake Rd. Find out who the best climbers are, and the most sane (not insane) descenders. On a side note, I was practicing my dismounts (on a bike) after skidding on a root, and found I’m very good at cushioning my bike. There are no roots on Wednesday’s ride.


night riders in the sky
Reivers Dustin

11/04/15 #18230

Good luck tonight all you wild herd.

Fer ya yunguns this is a reference to a great song you can youtube up by Burl Ives. “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. You might recognize the voice of Santa Claus from the rudolf movie. Perhaps one of the greatest folk vocalists of all time and if that melody doesn't haunt your dreams, then you never played cowboy when you were a kid. Burl had a place out by Anacortes for a while, but alas he's been gone quite a while. I had a buddy who was in Australia when Burl came through. At the show Burl walked out with a chair and a guitar and lit those folks up for 2 hours. No mike, no autotune, no electronic nothing. Tie me kangaroo down, sport.

There's a pretty good version by Sons of the Pioneers, but I like their “Cool Water” best. The one they did when Roy Rogers was in the group. I'm feeling the years now.


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