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Hot 5 2019 Race #1

Kevin Olney
08/03/19 #25271

The first race of the series featured warm temps and a variable WNW breeze. It was also 4 mile test of weed dodging ability. Wilson shot out to an early lead with Peter and Alan dueling for second place. As the race progressed Alan’s rudder setup and crafty bay knowledge lead him through unscathed and he finished first across the line, followed by Wilson and Peter. Kim and Julie were a solid 4th in their OC-2.

The largest division of the night, the Golden Barnacle (70+) was lead by Duncan Howat. With five entries this division was as big as the Canadian and Gorge Champs combined!

Leading the women was Denise, followed closely by Erica. Since her first time in a ski just this April Erica has shown great affinity and enthusiasm for the sport. Probably all the amazing stuff they are doing down at Prime Sports.

Series points are awarded with this formula:
1st place: # in division +1
2nd place: # in division -1
3rd place: # in division -2
4th place: # in division -3
…and so on
First Place overall receives an additional point because, well, winning

Next week’s race will award additional points for anyone paddling a wide/slow boat:
Every inch wider than 20”: +1 pt (max 5)
Plastic boat: +1 pt
Bring out the Costco tubs!

Here are the Week 1 stats:


08/03/19 #25272

For next week, does having an outrigger count as a fat boat? They're legal now in Ski to Sea, and I'm pretty sure if measured from the right edge of the hull to the left edge of the ama, it will qualify for an additional 5 points!

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