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Recommendation for speed measurement

Mike Mauch
11/22/14 #16557

I’m new to surf ski paddling. Curious what the recommendation for speed measurement is? I’m looking at the Garmin 910 or maybe the SpeedCoach GPS wireless. Any thoughts?



Phil Helms
11/22/14 #16562

I've been using Sports Tracker on an iPhone, keeps track of your route and speed, and it's a free app. Of course you'll need a smart phone and secured on yourself or boat in waterproof case.

11/25/14 #16570

All you need is a used garmin 201 off ebay, works great lasts long.
Garmin Forerunner 201 Black GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 201 Black GPS Watch
US $35.00 Used in Consumer Electronics, Vehicle Electronics & GPS, GPS Units

Morris Arthur
11/25/14 #16571

I second Jeff's recommendation.
Those early Garmins are great if you just want speed and direction for training or racing. Color and touchscreens don't belong on the water….

The 201 is particularly nice because it has an integrated rechargeable battery. (Water eventually finds it's way into battery compartments…. and changing batteries in the 101 and 301 is a PITA.)


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