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Paul Reavley
Feb 27 #28716

Thanks to BBOP, all of the race organizers and volunteers. Things seemed to proceed well as far as I could see. Great morning to be on the water.

About the OC/Surfski switcheroo challenge - I don't know everyone. I have Thom P., Dennis M, and Dave H. as barnacle ski paddlers who went outrigger style today. Am I missing anyone?

Thanks to Duncan for sponsoring the OC paddler swap to surfski challenge. And I have become aware that there are some additional donors contributing to the swap-eroo Food Bank donations. Thanks to you too.

David Hooper
Feb 27 #28717

Big shout out to Janice, Colin and all the BBOP volunteers. That was a super fun race! Ok, we didn't have wind, but I liked the little hook course up toward Mud Bay - I don't often head up that direction from Clark's Point and it made a fun diversion from the standard Chuckanut Island loop.

And another big shout out to Paul R. and Duncan for their switcheroo sponsorship. I confess that, on a frosty morning, that provided a lot of extra incentive to get out of my warm bed and house. Once on the water (and a little bit in it), I was sooo glad to be there (except the “in” part). Beautiful day, fun race, and awesome community!


Duncan Howat

Feb 27 #28718

Paul, I believe thats you the OC-1 to surfski . Where do I pay the $100.00. And to really hurt me, you sprinted by at the end. Not my most glorious race,. Broke my toe last night carrying fire wood. (top that Sue) but the event was top notch. Although Peter could have made more waves. Flex Boy
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Paul Reavley
Feb 27 #28719

Hey Duncan, I don't count the ones when you are more impaired than normal. But I will not break my toe just to make things more even.We want everyone back in their top racing shape.

Janice just told me that she would make the donation to the Food Bank for the amount we all tell her and we can pay her. I will give her your $100 along with my donation and you can pay me back when you are well and can afford it.

David Scherrer
Feb 27 #28720

Great race organization Janice! Great atmosphere for all the racers as far as I could tell…..even Father Brian partaked.
But like Dunc, we need to have a word with Peter M. about creating just a little more wake for his Ol'Shipmates!

Reivers Dustin
Feb 27 #28721

It was so dang pretty out. I was a shameless drafter and ended up pushing hard at the end. But after all, such a fun sport.

Seems like a lot of us are 'paddling-impaired“ somehow. Mark W. and Deano came down to see the finish and get a vicarious hit. I miss everyone and hope this new normal goes away.

Meanwhile, thx to volunteers and all for keeping the sport alive.

BBOP Race Results
beau whitehead

Feb 28 #28723

Preliminary spread sheet…. perhaps someone can arrange these chronologically….


Paul Reavley
Feb 28 #28724

BBOP Race Results Sorted By Times

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