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Paddling pants

10/10/16 #20071

Both Dean and I have birthdays coming close. I need a new pair of paddling pants. Who thinks they have a better option than NRS Hydroskins (they're on sale)? Also, where did you buy them?


Larry Bussinger

10/10/16 #20077

I just bought my third pair of Valhalla pants. The first two lasted around 13 years each. Neoprene bottoms and Lycra top, no seams. $60 includes shipping. This pair should last me into my 80's!

Larry B

Larry Bussinger

10/10/16 #20078

Gone Diving on Iowa st had a good pair. Moderate bottom and zippered side

Larry B

Amy Harris <communications@…>

10/11/16 #20084

Hi Marc

I have a pair of Vaikobi paddling pants which are awesome - super comfy and padding in all the right places. We sell them at Deep Cove Outdoors: and can ship them if you're not coming up anytime soon or if Bob isn't coming down.

Give us a shout at 604.987.2202 ext 2 if you're interested!


Michael Gregory

10/11/16 #20085

Once again, for years I have used Promotion Wetsuits gear. They make and market their gear from Hood River OR. A quick look at the site shows great Clearance deals now. Check out the neoprene farmer john suits and tops and booties too. Solid stuff at a good price.



10/11/16 #20091

I highly recommend checking out Vaikobi paddling pants. That's all I use in the winter on training paddles on the lake. I've used most things on the market - for me this has been the best fit. Always available at OCEANPADDLESPORTS.COM


10/11/16 #20095

Great! Thanks to you all, Dean and I have many options to consider.


Dennis Mowry
10/11/16 #20096

Hey I'm having a birthday coming up.
Cleanline in OR is having a sale, 10% off non sale order just by signing up for their newsletter & no sales tax.

Kimberly Reeves
10/11/16 #20100

Lavacore is way better than hydroskins…
Warm, wind and water resistant!!

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