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Sprint Nationals Lake Lanier Georgia 2019

Jonas for the win!
John Rybczyk

08/07/19 #25298

Just in, Jonas Ecker wins Men's Junior K11000m National title by 0.076 seconds! Congratulations!

See you on water,


Jonas Ecker
08/07/19 #25299

Thanks for the support! The headwind was killer!!!
Here is the winning margin!

Jonas Ecker

Denise Weeks
08/07/19 #25300

Congratulations Jonas, and congrats to Abbey, Elena, and Emma and the other Lake Padden finishers.

Tom Swetish

08/07/19 #25301

Three national champions from BCKST today (Jonas, Elena, Abby). Plus a pile of other podiums.

Not too bad Coach Scoggins!

paul clement

08/07/19 #25302

Super news!
Coach Scoggins may be the ring leader but a lot of credit should go to E’Lana, Tom, Simon for their time and expertise as well as the whole community for supporting BCKST.
We are fortunate to have such talent in town.

Paul Reavley

08/07/19 #25303

I second all of the congratulations.

If you want to follow results you can look here:

ClockCaster - Results: ACA Sprint National Championships 8/7-8/10/2019

Bellingham has a ton of very accomplished young paddlers and plenty of up-and-comers.

I also noticed that our young women swept 1-3 in the K1 1000. Elena, Sierra, and Emma - Wow.

Kimberly Reeves
08/07/19 #25307

That is so awesome!! Way to go!!

Sandy Gilliard
08/08/19 #25310

Yes BCKST Team! Keeping Bellingham on the National map. Cheers…”sandy” G.

Jeff Hegedus

08/08/19 #25313

Wow! Congrats everyone, that's really amazing :)

Eric Grossman
08/08/19 #25314

So awesome!!!!!!

Kevin Olney
08/08/19 #25316

Congratulations to all the Bham paddlers competing. Amazing accomplishments across the board! You are inspire the rest of us to push a little harder every time we practice. Thank you

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