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Race Report: DP Spring Race

Kevin Olney
Apr 24 #29084

Rob Casey has been busting some moves in the racing scene this year. Already with two Seattle lake races in the books, he hosted a race today in Skagit Bay drawing 40+ paddlers and rowers. Additionally, he has races scheduled for May 8 (Shelton), June 13 (PA, reviving the Juan de Fuca downwind) and others as the season progresses. Awesome stuff!

Today’s race was dictated mostly by currents with a little wind to spice things up. The start was from Cornet Bay, heading east to Skagit Island, then south around Hope, and return. Wave starts went: Rowers, Stand up, OCs, and finally skis and kayaks. A fast OC-2 and Gavin Godfrey lead the canoe start and Egor Klevak dominated the ski start. I was able to hang on until things settled down and paced Egor out to Skagit I. Paul C also survived the start and settled into the pack as we ground our way against the current and moderate wind. As we rounded the south side of Hope I the sea-state became choppy and disorganized and the group split.
I was still even with Egor as we made the turn north back towards the finish. With the current and wind aligned we were basically in flat water and Egor put the power down. I kept up but was pushing my limits. I didn’t want to end up in a sprint from behind at the finish so I tried moving off the rum line to get in more current and hopefully have a slight lead heading to the finish. I may have gained a little speed but the cost in distance was too much and I had to settle for second place. Paul was close behind, followed by Alan L.
There was awesome food provided by Kau Kau Corner in Oak Harbor and Brian Flannelly won a jet boat tour.

Dan Mahar
Apr 25 #29085

I was out on an eSUP filming off the SW corner of Hope Island. Below is a link to the YouTube video. It’s got Egor and Kevin battling it out, the double OC not far behind and Fiona flying by way ahead in the SUP division. It finishes out with Rob Casey on safety watch as one of the last contestants rounds the corner and gets swept homeward on the ebb current. Way to go everyone!

Apr 25 #29086

Thanks, Dan, those SUPs were flying fast water!

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