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Buying Kayaks in the digital world

Bob Putnam
03/04/11 #10189

Here's a funny story I thought I would share….it all happened yesterday between 5 and 7 PM
There is a great photo circulating around the internet of Matt Bouman busting through a wave, on a Epic V10 Elite somewhere in South Africa. Deep Cove paddler Warren Bruce is sitting in a bar in Baja, Mexico, enjoying a post paddle margarita and perusing Facebook. He sees this photo and thinks, Hmmm, its about time I got a new lightweight Epic surf ski. Emails me in Vancouver to inquire about availability. I tell him that I only bring in Elite skis that are pre-ordered, and my shipment may have already left China, but I'll check. I email Vince at Epic headquarters in Charlotte, South Carolina. Vince thinks that there maybe chance we can do it, he'll call one of the Chinese factory workers, who we'll call “Wu” and see. Vince gets back to me and says Wu can do it but we have to take one ski off the order to get one on. I email Warren who is now on his 4th margarita, and feeling pretty good, but his conservative nature says, to wait. I admonish him, saying that life is too short to be paddling a heavy surf ski and think about this cross global chain of events that he has set in motion. Warren says he'll have another margarita and think about it. Warren emails me back and says, “What the Heck, I'm returning to Vancouver just for the Tuesday Night Paddlesport Races in Deep Cove.” I call Vince, Vince calls Wu, bing, bang bong, Warren has a brand new V10 Elite en-route to Vancouver. Should be here in 3 weeks. Imagine trying to get that done 10 years ago.

Watch out for Warren this year, he's fit and will be paddling a faster ski!

Reivers Dustin
03/04/11 #10190

Oh yeah? Well LG said that Warren is a weenie and that there's no way WB is getting to the finish line ahead of LG.

I'll back my guy: I'll bet $20 cash that LG can finish faster than WB in any regular race with one catch: the proceeds go to BBOP (Bellingham Bay Outrigger Paddlers). Basically, I'm willing to donate your money to BBOP if I'm right. If I'm wrong, I donate $20 of my own money to BBOP.

Are you down with this Mr Putnam? (I can only cover one bet without trouble in the home - if you know what I mean.)

This is a new wrinkle on the international challenge. These are two great guys with major chops and anything can happen. I think it's fun to play 'paddler cage-fight' for money.


Bob Putnam
03/04/11 #10193

OK RD your on, with one change, If warren wins you donate to BFBABB. Beer's for Bob at Boundary Bay!!! Who are you going to beat? Wish I could make it to the race this weekend. Still XC skiing up here.

Larry Goolsby
03/04/11 #10194

Geezus RD, Shaun came back from Mexico with stories about how Warren smoked all the surfskiers, outriggers, kite boarders, fishing boats, whales, and pot. I have paddled maybe six times this winter and this guy paddles twice a day. Hope you don't hate me when your sitting in Boundary Bay watching Bob eat. Now you'll know why they refer to him as 'The Canadian Wonder'. Everybody wonders where he learned table ettiquette.

Reivers Dustin
03/04/11 #10197

Hmm. I'm thinking. I'm not sure I can beat anybody.

Unless maybe you drink twenty bucks worth of beer and we race within the next 30 minutes.

And maybe I'm throwing my good buddy under a bus. LG has not climbed out of his cave very much and Warren has been living like a 20-something surfski bum.

Bob you will not get to sample my cookies tomorrow. They will become the stuff of legend after the race. You'll know because of all the racers walking around the northwest with chocolate-chip stains on their smiles.

It's gonna be a good one tomorrow.

Jeff Hegedus <jhegedus@…>
03/05/11 #10198

Yeah but LG has an erg in that cave, and Warren is gonna' need that new V10 Elite.

warren bruce
03/05/11 #10199

I did what now??
I vaguely remember seeing some photo of a V10 on my facebook page and if Bob says it happened then I guess I bought one.
Better put down the tequila and pick up the paddle…

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