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BBRWRace Course Map (2021)

Mar 18 #28836


Mar 20 #28844

All the predictions I see are showing wind swinging over to SSW then to west, but it won't hit full westerlies until after noon. For this course, SSW is almost ideal so it could be a very fun race.

The only exception is NWS showing it to turn west a bit earlier, but who listens to the government anyway? I say we go!

David Scherrer
Mar 20 #28845

Well that was a hoot! Good times trading barnacle
lead with ol Deano. Got ahead of me on last lap. Great job as usual Peter M, and Marc and of course very cool trophies Paul.


Dean Bumstead
Mar 20 #28846

Definitely a classic battle of barnacles. Took a long nap after that one. Thanks to all those that made it happen.


David Hooper

Mar 20 #28849

Good planning on the weather, too, Peter. A little drippy, but the wind provided some fun little bumps, and the westerly held off nicely. By contrast, the Bay is glassy right now.

Nice job Peter, Marc, volunteers and racers! Itching to see the results!

D Hoop

Marc Blake
Mar 20 #28851

Results are here:

If you started with a Long Course wave, but elected to the short course, please let us know if you haven't already.


Reivers Dustin
Mar 20 #28852

So outrageous. Some random citizen walking around the parking lot looking stunned saying, “is there a race today?” Meaning, are there this many crazies in this town? Of course not. We had disturbed paddlers from all over. Farthest I heard about was Hood River. And the border is still closed. Miss the canadian club. Great to see our summer cousins up here. Even though they totally blew up the normal pecking order. Looking at results I'm seeing some monster battles. My guy was a certain Paul who I could hang with on the downwind, but not the upwind. He pushed me way up a level. It was a hoot to watch david and deano pound on each other. They make a lovely couple.

Bittersweet to get a shout out from Mark W at woods coffee. (Blown up shoulder.) Awesome race support and logistics. I'm a knucklehead on most race starts, but somehow this new discipline works for me. I am used to seeing one boat crush the lead and gap everyone. Didn't see that today. Looked like there was a wolf-pack of top dawgs. So here's the beauty of this race: tactics. With the range of conditions you could not be a one trick pony. I noticed a lot of folks ran hard with the waves after the outfall buoy. I didn't have the speed so I worked broadside right away towards Woods Coffee and gained on the run-out near shore. But some of those guys made it work really well to go wide like they did. The other thing I did was get a little closer to shore going upwind. I think it helped. Maybe.

So how do you like getting results within a few hours? Must still be some endorphins running loose. I'm feeling chuffed about this one in the books. This gonna be a very good year. I love this sport.


Mar 20 #28853

I think Jason Tedrow came all the way from Bend!

David Hooper
Mar 20 #28854

He did indeed! He and I went back and forth the whole race - very fun jockeying for position and watching to see how different lines played out on the surfing legs. That fun competition definitely kept me going on the second lap. Alas, he had more gas than I did for the last 1.5 mile slog back upwind to the finish. Good racing!

D Hoop

Reivers Dustin

Mar 20 #28855

Jason Tedrow is a dude.

Jason Tedrow
Mar 21 #28858

That race was a blast! I didn't get a chance to say hello to everyone I knew, but a big thanks to Peter and the volunteers for an event well done!

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