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Barnacles and Bumblebees

6/14 Thurs Barnacle Run
Reivers Dustin

06/14/18 #23223

Was inspired to go long. 14 miles long. Put in at Marina with Dmow. Pretty stiff 20mph headwind and chop 'n slop across the bay. We got to MP just as LG was putting in. Nobody was cheering or waving. LG joined us for the slog down to Governors. It would have been boring, but LG was chatting us up. And then mid-sentence he barks like a seal and jumps in the water. hoookaay, kinda not really that rough, but maybe he is having a different experience than others. Takes him a while to get organized and back upright. then the story comes out. He had been feeling an itch in his PFD and was trying to reach it. Turns out it was a bumblebee. Bee jumped out of his PFD and onto his leg and vented it's feelings about being a mile offshore. Dang. If all-you-all want to not be bored on a paddle, take LG along with you. He's a hoot.

Oh yeah, wind started dying by the time we got to Governors. LG was laughing at us going to Whiskey, said we would be faster walking back. ha ha. He was right. Dmow had to wait for me a lot. We both got tireded out. Max was miffed. nobody wanted to play after he's been hung out for 3hrs waiting.

Nap time for rd.

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