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Feather angle

Reivers Dustin
12/22/17 #22377

there's a disturbance in the force. It's coming from south Africa. I can feel it.

I can also see it from a facebook post shared by Kathleen. Photo shows Oscar and Rob in a double smoking down a wave during Miller's run. The problem is that it shows bracing where you can clearly see feather angle. The back and forth discussion around this photo has lots of guys saying zero feather angle works great… now, hold on a sec. what 'n the wide world o' sports is agoin on here.

I thought it was an ergonomic thing to allow straight wrist with high upper hand. Mickey said to me one time, just try feather angles at Wed Niter and compare times. This will tell you best angle. I'm at 60 degrees.

I'm so confused.


12/23/17 #22379

I was at 60 degrees feather angle and had major issues with carpal tunnel symptoms, with my right hand regularly falling asleep when I paddled. I then went to 45 and on to 30 degrees and the symptons disappeared. I'm now down to 20 degrees and plan on going to zero degrees soon.

James Schulz
12/23/17 #22380

Here is a link to the Clinic Video where Oscar talks about his reasoning for zero feathering. It’s a long one.



01/03/18 #22397

Great Video Jim!

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