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World's Best/Bucket List Downwinders

(Wiki Index of Places to Downwind)

Miller's Run on a Fairly Big Day


photo: Wilson Reavley video

Jasper Mocke on Miller's Run and Rating Downwinders:

How does The Miller’s Run compare with other popular downwind courses around the world?

Jasper: “When rating downwinds, I think there are 3 main considerations:

  • the quality of the conditions
  • logistical ease
  • consistency throughout the season/year

Beside the fact that you can do a Miller’s Run on most days of the year, when its pumping like it was on Monday, the runs are the finest I have ridden anywhere. Big days can get pretty scary and technical. Reverse Miller’s Runs, when the wind blows North West are easy and great to learn in.” (Ed. Note - when the wind is blowing toward the North West it is blowing onshore for a Reverse Miller's, but be careful, the local mountains interact with the winds and can sometimes cause the wind to change to blowing offshore)

Somebody at Epic Kayaks (Kenny Howell?) weighed in (Feb, 2023) with this list of 5 downwinders to put in your bucket list. Their five are:

Keeping Jasper's criteria in mind, here are some additional runs you may find worthy of making a trip for (although for all we know you may have a run in your own backyard that is equally world class to these - email us your suggestions ( and how they rate on Jasper's 3 main criteria):

Some candidates for world class runs may have some additional risk and/or seasonal curtailment due to more extreme and/or sustained cold air and water temperatures. But they may otherwise be right up there in quality with other more temperate runs listed on this page.

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