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Training and Athletic Health for Women

Training Considerations For Women

General Considerations


  • Abdominal Diastasis
    • PT comment on Facebook for a female paddler recovering from AD - Holly Rasmussen: “As a PT and paddler, my recommendation is to get in and try it out. Go easy at first, in the flats to get your core engaged again. The rotation, catch and paddle stroke can be the exact thing to assist your diastasis toward continued and proper healing. I also like the leg drive for your pubic joint. Balanced opposition of leg forces with each drive will settle you into better position; again start easy in flats to see how you respond. I usually tell people (me included) to always start again at 60%, then slowly gain from there. Also, find a PT with good manual therapy skills; you most likely need alignment and rebalance work of pelvis and throughout body. You had a baby recently and your relaxin and oxytocin hormones are still in effect, allowing for looser ligamentous responses that can lead to injury if you push too far too fast, and are not aligned….”

Training Advice By/For Women

Coaches With Remote Training Programs

  • Online Coaches (There are a number of prominent women coaches in this list)

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