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Whiskey Run Specs

From: Morris Arthur <marthur@…>
Sent: Jun 23, 2008 1:40 PM
To: whatcompaddlers@…
Subject: [whatcompaddlers] Whiskey Run Specs

The dry dock has two side walls that run north and south. (The north side is open.)
The west wall is the one you see from the water, paddling north from Whiskey Rock.
As soon as you pass the north end of the west wall…and just start to see the north end of the east wall, that's the finish.

I put aerial photo detail of the start and finish on the map:
(Editor's note: We could not find the map)

The orientation of the lines encourages a start that's close to Whiskey Rock… and a directly north path from Post Point, for the shortest distance.

Hey, propose something better! I'll make some suggestions:
1) Two permanent landmarks on shore, near Marine Park, that are easy to see and easy to line up from the water.
2) Preferably they should be far apart (the dry dock fails on this point), and “touch” when you have the desired line of sight.
3) The resulting line should come out westward from shore, or slightly northerly (to keep the shortest distance from being in the middle of the bay.)

I agree that the finish could be better specified… Find one the next time you're out.


06/23/08 #4567

How about the single piling just North of Marine park, the one that has the tide depth (draft marker) board on it…..the only piling there….and when your cockpit goes by, you stop the clock. It is only about 20 to 30 seconds shorter then the original course. Peter

Michael Gregory
06/23/08 #4568

-Whisky Rock - not Whiskey, yo! Don't give folks the wrong impression of what we are into out there!
-The early mornings are bright and sunny for a while yet. This am, at 6:30 the Bay was turned up preetty good. Enough to put that current soft course record in danger.

(2020 comment - I can find no reference to the spelling Mike is referring to on a map. Was Mike drinking whisky? - Paul R.)

Larry Goolsby
06/25/08 #4583

DJ, Shaun and I went down to Whiskey and back today. Since it was an ebb tide and a -5 mph wind. Shaun and I decided to save some energy and cruise north but DJ went for the record. He basically did it in 35 minutes. However, I wanted to see what was a good finish line for the course. The pylon with the depth markings is impossible to see if you are out near the buoy. I also looked at lining up the pylon with the north edge of the Fairhaven Shipyards building (big gray structure between drydock and Park). To use this, you would need to stay closer to shore (some of us are old and can't find our own ass with both hands and a bloodhound). I think that we should use the #2 buoy as our finish line. It's a decisive structure that won't leave you wondering if you are there yet.

Larry Bussinger <lbussing@…>
06/26/08 #4584

Hey Morris. It all seemed so simple didn't it! One measly little finish line and you have to help the medical team find it with both hands and a bloodhound!

Michael Gregory
06/26/08 #4587

I understand, at our vintage the temptation is great - shorten the course, the pain doesn't hurt as good as it used to. But, ya gotta live it! These less vintage challenged guys aren't gonna pull any punches AT ALL! Whisky Rock right in to the pylon with the depth markings! Tough to the finish line! Anyway, those landlubbers on shore need to see paddlers with eyes bulging out of their heads and mouths open wide gasping for air.
Hypoxically, MG

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