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Western Cape (Wes-Kaap), South Africa Surfski


Platboom Beach - Kommetjie Downwinder

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  • Breede (Breë) River Mouth video

Cape Town Area


  • Hout Bay video
  • 3 Anchor Bay to Barkers Rock
  • Milnerton
    • Lagoon Beach to Melkbos 21 km video
    • Lagoon Beach to Big Bay 11 - 12 km - The season for this run is best in the October-February months during South Africa's summer season. During these months the side shore winds tend to howl along the west coast of South Africa, making this a great spot for downwinders., video1, video2, double SS video
      • Comment on standupzone by peterp about Milnerton run: “Beginners term the last 3rd of Milnerton run the Bermuda triangle as wind swell starts mixing with reflective waves off the coast and ocean swells. It can be quite disorganized but with practice the best guys fly through there”
  • Shuttles


Beach at Milnerton Life Saving Club - photo Stuart Edmonstone (click to enlarge)

  • False Bay
    • Gordon's Bay - Strand ~8 km video
    • Full Bay Crossing
      • Pringle Beach - Muizenberg Beach 42 km
      • Cape Hangklip - Fish Hoek 47.9 km

Cape Hangklip - Fish Hoek

Dawid & Jasper Mocke describe Miller's Run

You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.” ― Hector Barbossa

  • Buffels Run (Buffels Beach to Fish Hoek) 22-23 km
    • A normal Buffels run you start at Buffels in the SE wind, a reverse Buffels you finish at Buffels from Fish Hoek in the NW wind
    • Reverse Buffels (Fish Hoek to Buffels Beach) (check article the wrong wind - too much West - can make this a real no go. After Miller's Point, “Hurricane Alley”…)

Reverse Buffels





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