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West Beach Laps Deception Pass

David Hooper
06/01/19 #24961

Thanks for the beta, Tom. I did the best I could given family logistics. Put in late on the waning ebb this morning. There were nice white capping swells when I started, and after some tentative paddling getting used to the conditions, I had some good, if somewhat squirrelly, rides. The predominantly S-SW breeze made the conditions a little funky. But within a half hour, it had flattened out as the tide slackened.

So, I decided to paddle south along the coast, into the wind. That got pretty fun and interesting. About 1/2 way to the Naval Air Station, I got into some bigger swell. The tidal current there must have still been ebbing into the southerly breeze and there were some eye-opening waves that I paddled into. The water was big and funky - ground swell from SSW, wind swinging SSE, and occasional random tidal rips coming from both sides. Interesting and technical. I eventually turned around and had some fun, if technical, rides back. Given conditions, I figured I'd swim at some point, and eventually that happened. Which was good. It seems to calm me down, and I was less tentative afterwards. As I got closer to the beach, swell slackened a lot and I just had a good cruise back.

All in all, it was fun to explore a new spot. Next time, I'll try to follow your timing suggestions more closely!

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