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Vancouver Island, BC Surfski

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Beach Near Tofino

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Victoria at the southeast tip of Vancouver Island is by far the largest concentration of people on the island. The east side facing the Strait of Georgia and mainland Canada is much more developed than the rugged west coast. The west coast has intermittent access via roads and has long stretches of shoreline with no roads nearby, while the island's east side has highways (1 and 19A) that generally stay close to the coast from Victoria up to Campbell River 260+ km to the northwest.


West Coast

East Coast



Welcome to Vancouver Island Surfskiing

Tidal Races

Tidal Bores

Tides and Weather




  • VI Paddling Primarily Dragon Boat oriented, but some OCs and Surfskis sometimes
  • Check Clubs and Groups below - you may be able to connect with someone who can give you lessons and advice

Clubs and Groups


General Rental Advice



  • Dan Hund facebook Chemainus, BC as of 2022 (but longtime boat fixer in the PNW) (“Taking in Outrigger and Surfski repair work on a part time basis, evening drop off and pick up. If you’d like a quick repair on a old ski or canoe I’d rather not do that work, but if you want your newer canoe or surfski back to original condition as best possible.”)
  • Vancouver Island has many boat repair companies (examples Extreme Fiberglass, Pacific Oceaneering & Design) who can probably perform simple patch jobs very well (if your job isn't too small for them), but you might want to go with a dedicated small boat shop for major structural repairs? Or one of these locals may be completely capable of major structural repairs on carbon with good paint matching etc. Do your own due diligent research and please let us know if you find someone good.


You have to use ferries for car travel to and from Vancouver Island. BC Ferries Website

As far as getting a reservation for your preferred ferry - keep checking the BC Ferries reservation page as people often cancel their reservation and BCF adds more reservations 3-5 days before a sailing (so keep checking!).

Getting to Victoria

Getting to Nanaimo (these pages have links to the return schedules)




Photo Paddle Sport BC (facebook), Originally ? Prince of Wales Adventure Tours