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Mileage Log

Reivers Dustin
03/06/19 #24425

anybody using excel to track mileage? I've found three decent looking templates on line. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


Reivers Dustin
03/07/19 #24429

I found some good online log keepers ( and Nice to be able to download direct from the Garmin. But I don't like off site storage.

Some really fancy Excel based logs. Most exotic by Mihn Tan. Perhaps my favorite is Dan Hays version available at Dead Runners Society. These are free templates that a Paddler would have to tweak. For example they will track which shoes you wear and the resulting mileage. I'll change that to which boat I use. Some use a race result predictor developed by a well respected running coach. They track race results and allow graphics for weekly, monthly miles vs. pace, etc.

Then there's Strava. The paid version (subscription fee required) is probably the most complete. But I like my data to reside on my own equipment.


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