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Tidal Bores

Lupar River Benak Tidal Bore (Malaysia) photo: Oxbold youtube video



See description of tidal bore

Tidal Bores on a Surfski Website?

Tidal bores as a surfable wave type is a novelty for surfskiers. And they may prove to be not that interesting in terms of the variation in surfing experience that they provide for surfskiers. Given how straight a surfski has to remain to avoid broaching on fast and/or steep waves, will any of the world's bores prove sufficiently accessible, challenging, and/or entertaining to draw the interest of many surfskiers?


  • We really haven't been provided with any information on tidal bore safety based on first hand reports yet - so that is a whole additional bundle of safety concerns that need to be identified.
    • Some obvious ones:
      • Avoid river edge obstacles
      • Where do these waves tend to break if they are large?
      • Critters - crocodiles, caimans, what does the bore pick up from the banks - spiders, snakes, etc.?
      • River water quality, pollution



Most tidal bores we know about here are fairly remote and can be frequented by crocs.

  • Ord River in Western Australia - crocs and remote (the Kimberley), Styx River in central Queensland video, Daly River in the Northern Territory


Surfing the Amazon's “pororoca” tidal bore



Surfing the Qiantang River “Silver Dragon”


(Le Mascaret = tidal bore)

  • Gironde Estuary - also sometimes referred to as “La Gironde” river is formed from the meeting of the Garonne and the Dordogne

OC and surfers on La Gironde Mascaret

  • Garonne River
  • Dordogne River
  • Seine River (tidal bore disappeared in the 1960s due to dredging and other changes made to the river)


  • Hooghly River (distributary of the Ganges) - the “Baan”

Jet Surfing the “Baan”



Bono = tidal bore

  • Kampar River

Surfing the Seven Ghosts Bono


“Benak” = tidal bore


  • Sittang (or Sittaung) River
    • These videos are kind of interesting because they are made by a solo SUP paddler using no boat or support. But he does carry multiple cameras including a drone to document his adventures.

New Guinea

  • Fly River
  • Turama River


  • Indus River



  • Colorado River - used to have a large tidal bore at its estuary in Mexico

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