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Tarifa Surfski

Tarifa is a Spanish municipality located at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Although it has been a popular destination for water/wind sports like windsurfing for some time, surfskis had not attained any significant presence until Boyan and Valerie Zlatarev established the Surfski Center there. Since then Tarifa has been building a wide spread surfskier fan base for the usually consistent wind and excellent downwind runs and the Surfski Center has been been building a reputation for enjoyable and safe downwind practice and improvement of one's downwinding skills.

Map from kitesurfing webpage


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  • West Wind (Poniente)
  • East Wind (Levante)
    • Tarifa - Playa Valdevaqueros/Playa Punta Paloma 8.5 km video
    • Tarifa - Bolonia ~ 16 km, Downwindfun
  • Tarifa - Canos de Meca approx. 44 km, Downwindfun Canos de Meca is next to Cape Trafalgar (Faro de Trafalgar)
  • ….

Tidal Races

About Safety

Tarifa often has the La Bajeta tide race for wave catching on occasions when downwinding is not available

Tarifa Tide Race



“The Levante and Poniente are the dominant winds in Tarifa. The Levante can be extremely strong in Tarifa, usually around 30 knots, but sometimes it blows for days at a time at 50 knots or more. It is an easterly wind that originates in North Africa and blows across the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Poniente is the Westerly wind blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. It tends to be less strong than the Levante, generally about 20 knots or so, but is usually much smoother and less gusty. The Levante and Poniente both blow more strongly in Tarifa than elsewhere because of the Venturi effect created by the Strait of Gibraltar.”

Boyan talking about Conditions (you can turn on Closed Captions to help understand his English - not a perfect transcription but it can help)


He's looking at Windguru for wind and another website for tide/current. He doesn't want to rely on Sea Angels for rescue, but they are on call to help if he gets into unexpected trouble.



Some Extra Tarifa Background (from Markus Ziebell)


Gibraltar Run (Tarifa to Algeciras) Boyan teaching in Double Surfski


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