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Tahiti Surfski

Barry Lewin downwinder in Tahiti

Tahiti is part of French Polynesia which is an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean.


  • Tiarei - Hitimahana Beach 16 km video, Downwindfun
  • Hitimahana Beach, Mahina - Pape'ete 14 km
  • Papeno'o - Pape'ete 16 km video
  • Hitimahana Beach, Mahina - Vaitupa, Faa'a 20 km
  • Tautira-Taravao 16 km video
  • Tahiti to Mo'orea Run SUP downwinder (channel crossing)
    • This run to Mo'orea starts on Tahiti in Pape'ete and ends at Vai'are waterfront on the island of Mo'orea. Just over 21 kms in paradise.


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