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Surfski Garage Design

Waterman Larry
Jul 6 #27076

Hi all,

I am finally building a garage at our house in White Salmon. We own approximately 6 boats including the Fenn double @ 24'. Do any of you have the secret sauce for designing the garage for car, surfski together? Do you build a long heated extra room for those carbon fiber beauties? Do the boats live above the cars ready to be lowered down? Will surfski storage ruin the value of the garage because the next owner doesn't need to store ladders or small telephone poles or anything else long and skinny?

I have never owned a garage before and only started surfski 4 years ago so I am clueless. Any advise appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Larry Goodson Gorge Rat

John Rybczyk
Jul 6 #27077

Larry, for starters you have to give up the notion that garages are for the storage of cars. After that, everything is much easier.

Nicholas Cryder
Jul 6 #27078

Larry, as you likely know skis often take on water in surprising ways, and thereby gain weight. So a heated garage is a Godsend for helping them dry out. I do a monthly rinse with fresh water to remove salt crystals for that reason.

Rack wise, I built a simple 2 x 4 box with carpet padded cross members for the skis to slide on, and castors so the rack can be rolled out into the driveway (allowing me easy access to clean the garage floor once a year or so). Dimensions are 5' wide (size of a car), 7' tall, 8' feet long. 18“ in clearance per cross member. Outside of rack has lots of hooks for hanging wet gear (hats, PFD's, towells). Fits 10 skis up to 22' in length.

Charlie Hamlin

Jul 6 #27079

Larry, invite you to visit my barn. It is a simple “pole barn” 24' x 40' in which I store my paddling boats and rowing shells. Some of the boats are racked against one of the walls, others are hauled up into the rafters and one is on dollies on the floor. I am happy to share lessons learned. Give me a call

Best, Charlie

Paul Reavley

Jul 6 #27082


I am not a realtor, but my personal opinion is that you do not lose value with any garage aspect that adds more storage or versatility (if future buyers are not boaters they can probably modify or remove the racks?). Since you are building your garage I am assuming that you will be making it long enough to store the double ski which will make the garage at least 3'-4' longer than an average residential garage.

The last time we had a discussion about boat storage:

- this thread includes some pictures from different respondents. Sounds like Charlie has incorporated about all of the the usual storage options in his barn so that might be a great one to take a look at or get his lessons learned from.


Jeff Hegedus
Jul 6 #27087

Just make sure that you have good neon lighting.


Reivers Dustin
Jul 6 #27088

nice waves, jeffers. Garage more important than livingroom. Maybe as important as kitchen. depends who is assessing the value.

Jeff Hegedus
Jul 7 #27092

Reivers, agreed, the boathouse IS the living room :)


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