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Surfing and Shore Break

Getting In and Out Through Surf

Sharon Armstrong Demonstrates Patience and Timing Getting Out Through Surf

Surfing (for practice and fun)

The Mockes often include surfing practice in shore break (in appropriate conditions) in their surfski courses and camps. With waves that are not too steep or close together this can be great fun, and it is also very good training for learning how to control your ski on waves - which will carry over to better wave surfing when downwinding. If your home doesn't have any consistent shorebreaks, look around and see what you might be able to use, whether it is a nearby tide race with standing waves or waves moving up a river or a spot within reasonable driving distance that sometimes gets some surfable waves. Some day you may even want to travel to one of those ultimate wave locations such as Cape Recife, or Chicama, Peru to catch a 3-6 minute ride.

Mocke Brothers Advanced Surfski Surfing Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Surfing Videos

Denis M Surfski Surfing in Maui

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