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Not again!

Dean Bumstead
08/16/09 #6848

Hey all,

I won't be making it to the USSC for the second year in row. Crashed on my bike yesterday, and now my right arm is in a sling and have a radial head fracture at the elbow. No surgery required fortunately. Jeff Hegedus was going to ride down with me on Tuesday morning. Does anyone have his cell phone number? He's on Orcas Island till this evening and I'd like to give him a heads up.(No pun intended)


Bob Putnam

08/17/09 #6851

Wow, In the last two days Dean, you're the fourth surf ski paddler I have heard about who has binned their shoulder riding mounting bike. I am sure company doesn't make it any less painful. Dangerous sport that mountain biking.
Take Care

Erik Borgnes
08/17/09 #6852

Bad luck, Dean. Must be brittle bones from manopause - or were you trying to keep up with Dev? Take your D3 supplements.


Dean Bumstead

08/17/09 #6853

Thanks for the support you guys. Yeah, I'm taking my D3 and other exotic supplements and will be roaring back in no time. In the meantime I'm quite challenged using my left hand for everything - need I say more. Good luck to all at the USSC - I'm off to do a couple laps around Lake Padden - the battle of the bulge.



08/17/09 #6859

Lousy luck Dean. Well, at least I'm not alone stuck in B'ham. Good luck all you guys!