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The Sport of Surfskiing

The first four minutes of this Joe Glickman video provides an excellent overview of surfskiing. The rest of the video focuses heavily on the competitive aspect of the sport, but recreational surfskiing is very popular and growing.

Intro to Surfskis and the 2012 US Downwind Championships


The Joy of Surfskiing

Earliest Race?

The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 Nov 1946


photo: Arvin Taali facebook


(Olympic Sibling to Surfskiing)

Adam Van Koeverden - Canadian Olympic & World Champion

Marathon Canoe

Traditional marathon boats bear some resemblance to K1 sprint kayaks, but the races are long distance and run over all kinds of water, on flatwater or through rapids and even over small dam drops. In most venues races are open to a variety of boat types including surfskis. And the races often include portages.

South African Champion Sbonelo Khwela

Outrigger (OC) Canoeing

(Single-Bladed, Stability-Loving Cousin to Surfskiing) More about Outrigger Canoeing

Kai Bartlett


Videos from Around the World

Welcome to Surfski, Welcome to Adventure

Worldwide Paddling Video Samples (Mostly Downwinding)

(Almost all of the videos contained on these pages are shown in embedded frames. For some reason Microsoft Edge seems to have a problem with many embedded videos, but you can still view them in Edge if you click on the youtube links shown within the frames. We have not seen this problem in other popular browsers)