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Split seam advice

Glenn Gervais
Jan 29 #28529

It seems I've split a seam on my OC

About a six inch split near where the rear ama connects but on the right side of the boat (non ama side). I think I may have over tightened the straps on top of the car.

Any advice for epoxy and/or tape that I could attempt myself this week to fix in time for La Conner.

Also, ignore the sound in the short 7 sec video, I filmed in the garage and the noise/click was NOT from the boat.


Reivers Dustin
Jan 29 #28530

somebody just showed me a few weeks ago their really good seam repair. Not certain, but thinking it was Pete Wells. There was some particular tape or material that made it better than just an epoxy glue job. Still super light weight.

Larry Bussinger
Jan 29 #28531

My advice. Don’t use it. Its not a question of stoping a leak. That seam is part of the structural integrity of the boat. Its also not in the part of the fabric mesh that will stop a crack from continuing. The crack in that seam will act like a stress riser and will continue “running”. Definitely not worth making a bad situation worse by having the boat sink and you drowning.

Larry Bussinger (retired engineer)

Kimberly Reeves

Jan 30 #28532

Agree with Larry.
Unfortunately, you’re probably gonna need a pro to get the canoe back in safe, working order. There are a number of skilled repair folks around.
I have used Sterling
Chris O. has a bead on another repair guy.

Glenn Gervais
Feb 1 #28555

Thanks everyone for the advice, ideas and suggestions…

Took it out to Sterling this morning and got it back today.
Glad I did too, the inner part of the seam/carbon had come loose, so he basically had to mimic what that does on the outside.
Way above a home repair, but now sealed, solid and ready to go!

See you Saturday!


Feb 2 #28556

I can recommend another local person in the boat repair business: Chris Baker has completed some extensive rebuilding on my Ares OC1. He ran into some structural issues and used video links with Kai Bartlett and Will Reichenstein to diagnose the problem. Baker is a professional fabricator with a variety of materials who also paddles OC1 and OC6 with Kai Pana. His shop is located by the Bellingham High School and he can be reached at 360-303-7401
Brian Flannelly

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